Hot & Spicy = Salt and Pepper
94s. Hot and Spicy Chips
Regular £1.95
Large £2.75
58S. Hot & Spicy Ribs
Salt and Pepper Ribs
Like 8
Regular £4.95
Large £7.25
213. Hot and Spicy Chicken Wings
Salt and Pepper Chicken Wings
Like 2
Regular £3.90
Large £5.45
M9S. Hot n Spicy Chicken
Salt and Pepper Chicken
Like 7
Regular £3.95
Large £5.50
33S. Hot n Spicy Beef
Like 5
Regular £5.10
Large £6.65
27S. Hot n Spicy King Prawns
Salt and Pepper King Prawns
Like 5
Regular £4.55
Large £6.40
Allergy Advice: all our products are made in our kitchen which handles Eggs, Fish, Molluscs, Peanuts & tree Nuts, Sesame seeds, Mustard, Shellfish, Soya and Wheat.
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